Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cholesterol lowering drugs versus Omega 3 Fish Oil

First, please let me state that I am not a doctor and am not giving you medical advise. These are just my own findings that have worked for me or that I have researched. Please always check with your doctor, Naturalist, Homepath or whoever you consult for your health issues.

When a person has Autoimmune problems there are many body functions that are also out of wack... for numerous reasons.

I'm guessing if I ask how many of you are one "Statins" to lower your cholesterol there will be alot of hands waving in the air.
Some of these meds are: Zocor, Crestor and Lipitor and a few others.

Have you ever noticed that your doctor will "recommend" regular liver function tests while you are on this medicine? Doesn't that make you wonder "why?"

The reason is that these drugs can and/or DO affect your liver function! And it can takes years for your liver to recover.... or not!

WHY would we willingly want to take something that can damage one of our organs that is irreplaceable? I see alot of hands go down now.... ;)

You can lower your cholesterol dramatically with just high grade or pharmaceutical grade #Omega-3 fish oil! While at the same time helping maintain your Triglyceride levels AND possibly reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

I take approx. 6000 MG a day of Omega-3 fish oil. And that alone has corrected my cholesterol level.

I was put on a statin and my liver function went down the tubes. AND the doctor wanted to give me more meds to help with what the statin was doing.

I researched and came up with this alternative approach. I took myself off of the Statin and went on the Omega-3 only. Within months my cholesterol level was dramatically lowered and at a normal level. It has taken longer for my liver tests to normalize.
I told the doctor what I had done and he "KNEW" that alternative method.... that works.

But we know.... doctors do NOT get kick backs from pharmaceutical companies if they prescribe things like Omega-3 fish oil.

Yes, it is going to be a bumpy ride fellow Warriors, so hold on tight and feel free to post your own experiences, recommendations, problems and ways you have survived or circumvented your doctor's advise.... He/She is only doing what they have been trained to do. ;)



  1. Hi,
    great article.
    I've read a lot about Omega 3 and the industry is buzzing with this information everywhere I look.

    Recently I've read the Yeast Connection written by a Doctor. The books goes into describing nearly all elements of sickness has a common denominator - namely that the immune system is always compromised by everyday stuff and how we become sick if it's weakened.

    Folks, this doctor in his book comments that Candida or Yeast plays a big problem in weakening the immune system. He says that yeast don't directly cause the sickness but rather the action of yeast acting upon immune system thereby weakening which then allows other bugs to spread.

  2. Fishes have cod-liver oil which is very healthy. Cholesterol can be reduced and kept in control without medicine also. A person who has high cholesterol or has a family history of the same should do regular excercise (walks, yoga, out door sports) avoid saturated fat (french fries, packaged food, yellow portion of the egg, red meat) cut down on alcohol (not more than 1 1/2 pegs a day if consuming daily AND / OR not more than 4 pegs even if you drink occasionally). High Cholesterol reduces the flow of blood to the heart thereby causing heart attacks cause of which doctors put stents in those patients. Unfortunately not just in the case of cholesterol but other ailments most medicines cause side effects thats why doctors ask for a regular check up of LIPID profile and blood pressure.

  3. I have researched about the yeast connection factor and look forward to posting more information on it.

    Some very good advise about high cholesterol and things to do to avoid complications that it causes.

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  5. Hi there,
    A great post indeed but allow me to correct some basic information in it in order to increase its value.
    1- The is no actual normal cholesterol level, because what makes us vulnerable to complication is not the value of the total cholesterol, but the quality and ratios of every portion of it.
    2- Omega-3 fatty acids are wonderful but they don't affect the bad LDL cholesterol. They provide significant reductions in triglyceride levels and increase the good HDL cholesterol.
    3-If you wanna know more, visit my blog:

    Dr. Amr Ebied

  6. My parents both had high cholesterol and I did too. Problem for me is that I refuse to take pills. So I tried every natural means, foods, fish oil and exercise-and my numbers were still over 300. About 10 months ago though I started taking a product called Mila. After 3 months my count went from 310 to 178 and that is the ONLY change I made. I feel better --my numbers have dropped a little more, lost about 5 pounds and my doctor is really happy too. I buy the product online and mix it in oatmeal or yogurt, in salad dressing or even use it as a meat rub. It is as normal in my kitchen today as salt and pepper.

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